computer program

computer program
Synonyms and related words:
ALGOL, COBOL, FORTRAN, alphabetic data, alphanumeric code, angular data, assembler, binary digit, binary scale, binary system, bit, bug, byte, command pulses, commands, compiler, computer code, computer language, control signals, controlled quantity, correcting signals, data, error, error signals, feedback pulses, feedback signals, film data, hexadecimal system, information, input data, input quantity, instructions, machine language, message, multiple messages, noise, numeric data, octal system, oscillograph data, output data, output quantity, play, polar data, punch-card data, random data, rectangular data, reference quantity, ruly English, signals, single messages, unorganized data, visible-speech data

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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  • computer program — n. a sequence of instructions, stored in any medium, that can be interpreted and executed by a computer; called most frequently a {program}. This term is used both for the written program (a document) and for its corresponding electronic version… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • computer program — ➔ program1 * * * computer program UK US noun [C] (also program) ► IT a set of instructions that makes a computer do a particular thing: »We specialize in computer programs for stock control …   Financial and business terms

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  • computer program — noun A complete piece of software. A set of instructions for a computer. This term can refer to either the executable form that a computer can execute (executable code) or the human readable form (source code). (Several programs, each of which… …   Wiktionary